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Monsters – Movie – 2009

Monsters – Movie – 2009

“Maybe we’re all monsters…”

Edward Green has gone AWOL from the US Army and monsters in his past. While in hiding waiting for his wife to give birth, Edward meets Bennett, a 13 year old kid with a unique monster of a problem of his own.

This new film, filmed in Grosse Ile, Mi has just wrapped principle photography and is moving on to the editing stage.

The film, written and directed by Derrick Barnsdale, stars Zach Douglas, Mitch Range, Alex Barill, William Hall, Jacquie Floyd, Kristi Kennedy, Julia Hawkins, Brittany Thompson, Tim Beson, Don Murphy, Jeff Priskorn, John Kerr, Michael Shennavar, and Michael Bauser.

Monsters is being produced by Yellow Ball Productions in association with Loose Change Entertainment.

This new film, filmed in Grosse Ile, Mi has just wrapped principal photography and is moving on to the editing stage.

Another crazy Move

08/21/10 Things I’ve learned from editing Monsters

#1 When filming, take your time.

#2 If you think you have enough footage of a shot, take the same shot two more times from different angles. Be creative with new angles.

#3 Only as a last resort do you ever take the camera off the tripod.

#4 Don’t film in the woods unless you are prepared to rake the whole woods.

#5 Never allow any actor or actress to wear white, especially when you are using natural sunlight.

#6 No audio software on earth can fix the ambient sound of walking in the woods, walking on gravel or wind noise.

#7 I am not a camera man.

#8 When I hold a camera, I may contract Parkinsens.

#9 Take your time.

#10 Be able to sit back and enjoy the experience.

#11 Rehearse.

#12 After filming, record dialogue separate, just in case.

#13 If something goes wrong while shooting a scene, change nothing (and I mean nothing!) and do the whole thing over again (the whole thing!).

#14 If possible, record audio as many different ways as you can.

#15 Bring both cardboard for blocking light and reflective stuff for redirecting it.

#16 Have a deadline, but make it a reasonable deadline.

#17 Try to not let any shot linger for more than two or three seconds.

#18 If possible assign someone to watch for “continuity.”

#19 Rehearse

#20 Record ambient sound

#21 Take your time.


Latest news:

Finished rough draft for “Dead Time” pilot. Sent it out for reviews.

There are shadows in the dark.
There are monsters in the night.
Ghosts cling to us, breathing fear into us all.
My name is Reginald Skoran. I was tormented by ghosts and
demons as a small child. Now I search them out. I will be
a scourge to demons. I will help those who have become
victim to the unexplained.
Between the hours of Midnight and 3 am, the realms of the
unknown try their hardest to effect the lands of the living.
This is where my team and I spend most of our nights
in the Dead Time


Latest news:

I have a movie, albeit one with very slow pacing and some very bad sound, all of which I’m going to start dealing with on the second run through–but right now, I have a movie, a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Monsters currently has a run time of 1 hr 58 minutes, which should be shortened up a bit. Time to start calling back actors for some voice over work.

Thanks to everyone who has been pulling for me during this process.


Hello everyone. Welcome to the new Yellow Ball Productions and D P Barnsdale Website.

Thanks for coming.

This site is going to be used to try and tie all of the many different pages/ads/groups that are out on facebook and abroad, whether it be createspace or Amazon or MySpace or Facebook. Somehow I’m going to tie all of these things together, hopefully with a feed from a blogger site.

So, as I am far from the ‘King of All Media’ and I am working with a shoestring budget…this is a start.

Also, because my shoes no longer have shoestrings, I’m going to trip a lot. So cut me some slack if possible.