Who are we and who am I and why are we even here?  There’s a lot of questions to answer on one little page.

I’m Derrick Barnsdale and I’m a writer.

I’m also an IT professional, a film director, screen writer, journalist, blogger, actor, cinematographer, producer, editor and programmer.  And a father and husband…

I’m a lot of things.  Currently, I’m an MBA candidate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  As I wrap up this degree this year, I have begun feeling out ways to use it–to try and use all of my experiences to build a company that promotes my unique set of interests, experiences and talents as the central advantage to what I’m going to try and build.

The most entertaining parts of my life have been the times that I have been being creative, whether by myself or in collaboration with other like-minded individuals.  I loved writing my three novels.  I loved writing my movie script.  I LOVED going through all the motions of making the film…writing, casting, producing, filming, even editing…even though some of it was really hard work and the end product was a lot less than what I had anticipated.

So the question becomes…how do you monetize what you love doing?

Hopefully, you’re looking at it.

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