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It’s December 1st…

So today is the deadline. I’ve finished with it. I’m putting it in the mail this morning. Done. I should receive a proof back to look over in about a week or so.

Is it everything I hoped? Not really. It is a first film with many foibles and gaffs and errors and that I have learned from. I still think the story is very good and the actors gave some very good performances.

The problems with this film were not the actors or the script, but my inexperience in directing, filming and most importantly editing. I apologize to everyone that I couldn’t put together a better project. But I learned a ton and future projects will be exponentially better for what I’ve learned.

I’m not making this available through createspace and Amazon because I think it’ll sell, just that they put together much nicer packaging than I ever could. Also, if you could care less about the packaging and just want to see the movie, give me an email and I’ll point you to the dropbox site where it can be downloaded for free.

I am still tentatively trying to figure out a day where we can through a cast party/viewing.

I want to thank all of the good people who helped me, the actors, guest directors, guest editors, makeup people, parents and especially the musicians who I think put together two awesome songs–I listen to “Someone you’d want to know” on my ipod every day.

Monsters is over now. I feel good that I finished a movie–from start to finish. Now, I’ll spend the next couple of months working on the Yellow Ball website and tinkering with a new script, while I wait to purchase a new camera.

Happy Holidays to everyone and hope to meet up again with you real soon.

Monsters is pretty much finished.

99% of the editing is done. I’m in the process of writing it out to DVD and making sure it will play on an assortment of DVD players. One or two more scans through with it and then hopefully a viewing for the cast soon.

Hoping to have it shipped off to the distributor next Monday.

Time to start working on another script.