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Dad v. The End of Season Two

Posted by on November 29, 2012

The boy last year

This weekend is the annual Little League Football banquet.  A day to celebrate what our kids accomplished.  A day to expound on how much they’ve grown.  A single day to rejoice…that it’s over for another year.

That I will not be out in the cold watching my boy sit on the sidelines while it’s colder and colder and colder…

That I will not have to go through another Sunday cheer competition where inevitably I will have to try and console the Goob…either that they placed or that they didn’t.  Something about these competitions make them cry like newborns every year.

That I only have to go to one football banquet a year…because, truly, they are the most boring events ever.  You get to hear about how every kid has “heart.”  How each one is a “hell of a player.”  About how the coaches are “looking for big things from <insert name here> next year.”

This goes on for four hours…four.  I’m not kidding.

The family and I like to take bets on which cliche will be used the most and we write little notches on the program or a napkin or whatever to keep track…

I wish we could make it a drinking game…but we still have to make it home afterwards.

Of course, they usually don’t say that much about our boy.  Last year the coach mentioned a picture I posted where Noah sidled up to the coach during practice and put his arm around him…

This year they’ll probably talk about Noah’s performance at the end of the year party…the night they lost the Peanut Bowl.  Noah did karaoke…and well, listen for yourself….

Personally, I think he nailed it.  I loved that he was so excited to do it.  I love that he performed so well.  He was awesome, which led to this gift…this gift that kind of made the whole year for me…

Noah! Noah! Noah!

I guess we’re playing again next year…

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