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Barnsdale Burrow

Dad v. Where did the time go?

Hi. So…it’s been a while. A long while… Two and a half years, I guess. Bunch of stuff has happened at the Burrow, just like I’m sure that bunches of stuff has happened in your lives too. ┬áLife goes on. So this will be a rambling post that will cover a lot of things that … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The Fireplace Tile

Notice the big burn mark from an escaped log… Notice the 1930’s tile…probably asbestos. Same tile as the 2nd floor. Notice trusty hammer…oh, and new tile, but not the white spots. Notice second row, because the Cheerleader thought it’d look better. Notice shiny border… So, ever since we bought the burrow, we’ve figured we’d like … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The Burrow

So I lovingly call my eternal tomb “The Barnsdale Burrow.” It’s an old home and it’s got more than its fair share of issues. Some issues I’ve talked about before and some I haven’t. I have a lot of crazy ideas about things I can do with the house…besides sell it…(Hahahahahaha…Michigan housing market…you are the … Continue reading »

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