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Dad v. The Elf

It’s Christmas time again, which means our elf, Clyde Finnegan has come down from the North Pole in order to scare the crap out of the Boy in an attempt to make sure he continues on the straight and narrow in the month of December. When I was first introduced to Clyde, I didn’t much … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Getting back on the horse

Howdy. When I started writing “Dad v.” it was without any idea of getting tons of page hits or making any money or anything like that.  I was simply out to tell Noah’s story, and our family story. I needed to tell the world about a little boy with high functioning autism and a dad … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Revelations about Blogging and myself…

My kids are cute… I started this site on March 1st…I didn’t start trying to blog every day…sometimes twice a day…until May 1st…the site has gotten ranked as highly as 172K in the world…but has started to fall off since…I’ve written almost 300 posts… And here is what I’ve learned… 1.  If I don’t have … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Red Vines and Red Wine

She is the engine… When I met the Cheerleader, I had never finished a book.  Oh, I had tried several times, usually petering out after about a hundred pages or so. After a couple years of marriage, she really got on my butt to finish a book.  She cheered me on, pushed me back and … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Something to look forward to…

The only finish line in life is death…which is pretty damned depressing to think about. I am the kind of person that needs to feel as if I am accomplishing something every day…but I usually don’t feel that way.  I have goals…big goals…goals I really want to achieve someday…but I also have doubts….mostly because I’m … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The Bitterness of Defeat

See? I’m not horribly crushed or anything…really… Well, as many of you probably know, I was eliminated from Blogger Idol this week, which was kind of a big bummer for me. I pretty much took the weekend off from blogging, even checking my stats, in order to try and rebound.  Obviously, there are a lot … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Dude, I seriously don’t want to talk about your blog anymore…

“I had 10,000 pageviews in July….My Alexa ranking…” If you can’t tell by my writing…I’m that guy.  When the conversation lulls and everyone looks aimlessly around the room with nothing to say… “So, have you seen my blog?” It’s annoying. It’s got to be annoying. It’s like trying to talk football with someone who has … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Time to Regroup

It’s been a rough week for me in bloggerworld. Seriously, hit this button and vote for me! And I hate it.  I mean it’s really bugging me a lot today. Some of it I knew was going to happen. It was my anniversary weekend and I wasn’t going to spend much time posting, so I … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Inspiration v. Success

Ideas? I’m sorry.  I don’t have a funny story today.  I don’t really have anything that’ll make you cry either. I’ve been doing this “post everyday” thing for almost two months now and I’m starting to feel a little drained.  Like I’m really grasping for ideas to write about. I’m also feeling the let down … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Blogger Idol

Now let’s go bust up a hotel room! I’m in.   I made the first cut from 52 down to 12, which is pretty damn exciting in my book.  Sure it’s not 50,000 down to 12…but I have a way of trying to minimize my accomplishments… Let me say a few things about this competition… … Continue reading »

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