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Dad v. The Elf

It’s Christmas time again, which means our elf, Clyde Finnegan has come down from the North Pole in order to scare the crap out of the Boy in an attempt to make sure he continues on the straight and narrow in the month of December. When I was first introduced to Clyde, I didn’t much … Continue reading »

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Dad v. St. Baldricks

Well, the Goob has just raised the bar for being an exceptional kid. Goob read about Donna and saw the group of people who raised money for pediatric cancer by getting their head’s shaved last year. “I’d do that,” the Goob announced. “Seriously?” She shrugged. “Sure.” “You know they’d shave your head?” “Yeah, I get … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The Fourteenth Birtday

About a month and a half ago now, the Goob turned fourteen. I didn’t really want to dwell on it.  Just like I don’t like to dwell on the fact that she’s now a freshman in high school and talking about things like homecoming and prom and drama club and…well, everything. It’s bad enough that … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The Easter Egg

You know her, you love her… So it was the Goob’s birthday and she’s going to be a freshman and she wanted to do something that was going to make her stand out, as if she didn’t already on intelligence and personality alone. Personally, I’m a pretty traditional guy.  When ideas like nose piercings come … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The First Driving Lesson

“Let’s learn in the Jeep, Dad!  With the top down…” The Goob’s grades were never “bad.” But they weren’t exactly up to her par during the middle of the last semester.  She’d developed an innate hate of Gym….What is it about girls and Gym?  Gym was always the easiest class ever, show up, participate, earn … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The Hover Chair

“Hey dad, let’s make a hovercraft…” Anybody who’s read this blog for any period of time will know that the Goob is a different kind of teenager.  She is an intelligent, outgoing, nerdy, but beautiful girl…and at the beginning of this summer she came up to me with a single request. No, it wasn’t “Can … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Any boy looking at my daughter

Hello…kid… Hey you!  Look away! It has come to my attention that you may or may not think that the Goob “has it going on.”  This is very disturbing to me and I figured that before I have to come up with some very plausible alibi for the night that you “ran away,” I’ll give … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The Mr. Mom Weekend Part 2

Smile, boy, and they won’t notice all the sweat. I was still in the mall, immersed in the hive, with our brand new replacement iPad and a boy mesmerized by the thousands and thousands of dollars of Macintosh equipment surrounding us.  Off to the left, I was amazed at a presentation of how to use … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Finding the Goob

(Shaking head) Goob, Goob, Goob, Goob,…Goob! Our cat had fleas. So our house got fleas. So we had to bomb the house. Which means that the Goob had to give up her home on the couch for at least four hours. So I called grandma this morning to make sure it would be cool if … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Birthdays

Happy Birthday!  Ugg…now I’m broke again. Tomorrow is July 1st…which means we are really knee deep in summer already.  In our house that means…anniversary, Noah’s birthday, Goob’s birthday…and it feels like they all happen in the same few minutes. Noah is turning 9, the Goob is turning 13 and I’m turning to the bottle. Let … Continue reading »

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