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Dad v. The Elf

It’s Christmas time again, which means our elf, Clyde Finnegan has come down from the North Pole in order to scare the crap out of the Boy in an attempt to make sure he continues on the straight and narrow in the month of December. When I was first introduced to Clyde, I didn’t much … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The End of Season Two

This weekend is the annual Little League Football banquet.  A day to celebrate what our kids accomplished.  A day to expound on how much they’ve grown.  A single day to rejoice…that it’s over for another year. That I will not be out in the cold watching my boy sit on the sidelines while it’s colder … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Parenting in the Elements

Being the parent of a little league football player in October and November can be rough.  Oh, sure, it’s rough for the kids to be out there in the cold playing their hearts out…but we’re sitting on our butts in the cold and rain and wind.  Seriously, there are times it’s no fun at all, … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Waiting with the Bruiser

For two years I’ve been trying to get a tackle out of my boy in practice-let alone in a game.  He spends most plays that he’s able to be out on the field for backpedaling.  No matter how much I talk to him. Last season he pretty much only played on offense.  In fact, the … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The Green Lantern

In brightest day, in blackest night… I’m a comic book nerd….at heart….deep down. Particularly I grew up reading Batman and Spiderman and Daredevil. I loved the stories, I loved the back stories, I loved the humor, I loved the writing and I loved the ingenious ways that heroes managed to deal with villains.  I also … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Fifteen Years

As usual, she looks awesome and I look crazy. Bill Clinton was still president.  Men in Black had just come out in the theatres. “One Headlight” by the Wallflowers was the number one song on the radio. And I tricked a young, fresh faced blonde girl to go in with me on a life time … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The New Slavery

Soon to come equipped with whips and chains… I wasn’t aware of it until just yesterday, but I’ve become a slave owner–according to my son. To find this out, all I had to do was insist that he empty the dishwasher. “You’re always barking orders at me!” he screamed.  “You treat me like I’m your … Continue reading »

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Dad v. the Playoffs

He’s also learned how to do a chest bump… So Noah has made it through training camp and eight weeks of football games and the team is now 7-1 and heading to the playoffs.  Noah’s role in all of this has been…minimal…but he IS part of the team.  He plays on both the kickoff teams … Continue reading »

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Dad v. Missing the Groove

Truthfully…the world has been coming down on me hard lately.  It’s not so much Noah or autism related issues…it’s all money crap…and for me…it just totally sidetracks my entire brain. It saps all of my momentum…my mind grinds to a complete halt and the only thing I want to do is sleep. Sadly, I’ve been … Continue reading »

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Dad v. The Stinging Shirt

You just look at everything different… Here’s a quick story about how, as parents of a special needs kid, we jump to completely different conclusions when some things happen than “regular” parents wouldn’t think twice about. Last weekend we had a combined birthday party for Noah and the Goob outside in the back yard.  They … Continue reading »

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