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Dad v. Where did the time go?

Hi. So…it’s been a while. A long while… Two and a half years, I guess. Bunch of stuff has happened at the Burrow, just like I’m sure that bunches of stuff has happened in your lives too.  Life goes on. So this will be a rambling post that will cover a lot of things that … Continue reading »

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An Ode to Benjamin Wheeler, 6

The world may never forget the name of the person who committed this unspeakable atrocity. We will be buried under the horrible devastation that the young man has brought down on twenty-six families, a small town community, a nation and the world. There is no way to understand why or how this happened. Sure there … Continue reading »

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Dad v. St. Baldricks

Well, the Goob has just raised the bar for being an exceptional kid. Goob read about Donna and saw the group of people who raised money for pediatric cancer by getting their head’s shaved last year. “I’d do that,” the Goob announced. “Seriously?” She shrugged. “Sure.” “You know they’d shave your head?” “Yeah, I get … Continue reading »

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Dad v. That Dude on the sidelines

Hey everybody. I’ve been away for a while.  Just watching the boy play football and trying to figure out how to make money online.  I know it can be done…just trying to figure it all out. What I’ve also been doing is fulfilling our Little League Football family commitments.  You know, those things that everybody … Continue reading »

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Just sayin’

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I swear…

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Dad v. Hutch Vanek and the Filthy Saint

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Dad v. Hitting the Wall

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Excuse me a bit as I try to upgrade the site

I’m trying to give it a more professional feel and add a couple bells and whistles.  Let me know what you think after tomorrow or the next day. Thanks, Dad

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Noah’s First Tackle

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