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“Frequently Asked Questions?”

This is a misnomer.  For there to be “frequently” asked questions, I’d have to start getting asked some questions.

So I guess I’ll come up with some things I think people might ask…

Dad, why are you so cool?

Genetics probably, but…

Who are you and why should I read your drivel?

Well, I like to think I’m somewhat entertaining…but overall…I think I do occasionally provide some good information about parenting and autism and other stuff…in between I try to give a few laughs too.  I try to be especially truthful, because I think people can see through you when you’re faking it.

I do have some experience writing and stuff…so I hope I won’t make your eyes bleed or be so boring it lulls your heart into stopping.

I’ve written three books, which can be found over there in the sidebar (only 99 cents for a copy on Kindle, where do I sign up?).  I’ve also written several scripts and produced a movie…a movie I won’t brag much about, but it’s here (under the Monsters button).

I’m also a father to three kids: The Twenty-Year Old, the Goob, and Noah (also known as The Boy).  Each provide their own challenges and joys.  And I’ll tell you all about those too.  I’m also married too…and that’s kind of a good store of stories too.

So I’ve got material…but I’m not good enough on my feet to do stand up.

Who’s Noah?


Noah is our nine year old autistic son.  He was diagnosed with the empty title of PDD-NOS at about the age of three.  This has been upgraded to High Functioning Autistic with ADHD and OCD tendencies. 

He’s also funny and high energy and happy and fun and a little annoying from time to time too.  Noah is really the basis for this whole site, because when I started this, I didn’t know of any sites out there that talked to fathers about dealing with their special needs kids.  I’m not saying I fill that void by any stretch, but I AM a dad dealing with special needs kids and if I can give or get advice on issues I face…why shouldn’t I?  And I’m certainly not going to be able to do that by sitting on my butt and doing nothing.  So I write…and I read some too.

Why do you call your daughter, “The Goob”?

Because she’s “Goobalicious”.  No, I started calling my daughter the Goob, because we were trying to avoid swearing so much in the house…and I started calling everybody “Noob” instead of…well, other stuff.  It was short for “Newbie” as in, person who is new and doesn’t know anything.  Anyway, she caught me off guard one day and I said “Goob” instead of “Noob” by accident and she caught me…so I played it off like I meant to say it.  “You know, short for Goober.”  She hated it…so it stuck.

Now she doesn’t really mind it at all.  It’s grown on her and she even signed my father’s day card, “From The Goob.”

If you have any more questions…shoot me’em in the comments or by email or whatever.

Thanks for stopping by and if you really like the site, I sure would appreciate it if you’d like my facebook page and shared me with all your friends.

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