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Guest Posts

Interested in publishing a guest post on Dad v.?  Send me something…let’s see what you’ve got.


September 8, 2011

This is a guest post from Heather Reese from My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream.

Have you ever lost it all?

I have a friend that went through something horrible yesterday.  She sat in her house with two of her 8 kids, and watched as the bank of the creek in her yard got closer and closer to her home… until the rushing waters busted through her garage door and started pouring into her house.  They moved as fast as they could to move the pets upstairs to higher ground.  They got the cats and one pair of birds up there, but couldn’t get to 3 other pairs in time.  They packed a small bag of stuff, and their parrot, and hiked a mile in the muddy, slippery woods.  All the while, carrying her two youngest children, the parrot, the bag, and her purse through the torrential rain. Finally, they got to her husband’s car that was parked up the road, and headed to Jessica’s mom’s house, leaving their home behind, which had no flood insurance on it.  She is a WRECK.  (You can read the whole story here.)
She lives half way across the country from me, in Pennsylvania.  So, physically, there is not a lot I can do to help her.  But I did do this:
Last night, I started a facebook group aimed at helping her out.  Quickly, the number of members surpassed 50… then 70… and as of the time this was posted, there were already 84 members.  I realized that things were going to need to be much more organized, as people all across the country offered to set up donation sites and send money.  So I started a blog called Help the Martins.  If you live in PA, there is info on how to help locally.  If you don’t live hear here, I have info on how to help anyways.  If you can so much as offer a well wish, prayer, positive thought, or words of encouragement, please follow the blog.
What you can do now:
*Leave their family words of encouragement in theguestbook.
*You can spread the word. If you  have a blog, post, and ask people to follow this blog, and join the facebook group.  If you are on ANY social network, PLEASE spread the word.  The more people know about this, the more likely we will have enough help.
*You can send gift cards by ordering them off of their Wal-Mart wish list.  You can order either Wal-Mart gift cards, or Visa gift cards.
*Visit the blog and donate money either directly to the family, or to the fundraising campaign, which will go towards shipping items from other donation centers, and people who have things to give but can’t afford shipping.
But please don’t just do nothing.  Especially those of you with blogs.  I don’t care if you just copy this post and paste it on your own.  Please just spread the word.  If you do post about it, please put a link in the comments here.  If you don’t have a blog,share this post on EVERY social networking site and email list that you have.  There is power in numbers.
Think about how you would feel if you lost it all.

August 24, 2011

This is the first guest post ever on “Dad v.”  I happen to be really, really fond of this blogger…kissing fond…but that’s not why her post is going up here.  My father asked me the other day…”So who’s idea was it to put Noah in football?”  I told him it was both of our idea…but then I started thinking about it and I couldn’t remember how it ever really got started.  

Granted, I always expected any son of mine to play football and baseball and basketball and to run like a deer….long and lanky, with a penchant for breaking their skinny legs…

So I asked the Cheerleader how it all started…and then I asked her to write it all down.  She’s awesome and witty and smart.  She has a ton of knowledge on Autism and Aspergers and treatment options and techniques.  She writes as often as possible on Red Vines and Red Wine. You can also follow her on facebook here 

And she holds a permanent office in my heart.

Why Football?

Since I first became a mom of a boy 20 years ago I dreamed of watching him play football. Not that I particularly like the sport, but I WAS a cheerleader and the excitement of the games and the social aspect (yes I was that shallow) appealed to my 17 year old self and my wish to be the super young, cool mom forever.

My oldest had other plans. From his first experience in T-Ball it was quite clear he was not cut out for sports. He had ZERO interest in anything vaguely sports related. With the exception if a brief interest in skateboarding, his athletic prowess was, well, just not there. He excels in more aesthetic endeavors, art, music and writing and I am very  proud of all of that. But I can’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed for awhile that I didn’t raise a ‘jock”.

Now from the time she was 4, I pushed Teenzilla into sporty things. It started with ballet and dance (well, not sporty but definitely GIRLY), then Tae Kwon Do, then soccer, which she wasn’t half bad at, then cheerleading (and no NOT just for me to live vicariously through her) , then basketball and then back to cheer.

She has been good at everything she has tried, especially cheer which she will derisively roll her eyes and say she is good only because she has to be and I will get mad if she isn’t.

Which is not true- she is a natural, and yes- I do push it because I truly believe that when you have a talent you NEED to develop and exploit it, not just sit around like a lump.

Going to her games is when I decided that the boy HAD to play little league football. The age when they can begin is 8, and he was 3 years old newly diagnosed with Autism when Teenzilla first started cheering. At the time I never even questioned that he would play…Autism or not.

But- as I researched and talked to people, it started to dawn on me that this might be one dream that was never realized. Neither one of my boys would play football. But he still came to games- and while he rarely (if ever) watched he was still a part of it all, and he would hang out with dad on Sundays watching the Lions (insert mocking laugh here).

We did try soccer. It was a disaster. And that is putting it kindly. Watching him mill around with the other players, a part of the team, yet not a part of the team was painful. He didn’t pay attention, had LOADS of sensory issues, one which was his feet got too hot and he would sit down in the middle of the field and take his shoes off, he hated running, didn’t understand positions and to top it off, he had a female coach…and as a mom herself, she was more inclined to baby him, and not make him play, and just not try to help him learn the game.

So we signed him up for tae Kwon Do. It was active, he would get the social aspect out of it, but it was individual and therefore more suited to his temperament. He did very well with it too. The time of day was crap- he always turns into the Tasmanian devil after 5:00 P.M. But he did earn up to his Blue Stripe and always did his best.

But this year was football year. I signed him and Teenzilla up right away, and accepted the Freshman cheer coaching position for the third year. I was so excited for the first day of practice- he got into all his gear (and there is A LOT) and we headed to the field. Unfortunately I don’t get to really watch him, my squad is way over on the other side of the field, but I text my mister throughout and ask how he is doing.

He is doing o.k. Not great, but not bad, and he seems to be enjoying it- all but the tackling and hitting part anyway. That has me a bit worried, since that is an integral part of the game. But he goes every day for 2.5 hours a day, takes coaching surprisingly well and runs his little heart out. A great coaching staff, that truly wants to teach him the game and to love it and the support of both his dad and I , along with his determination and heart- well I think it is going to be a good year to be a Grosse Ile Devil.

If you’d be interested in putting up a guest post on “Dad v. ”  Please email me at  Thanks for coming by and please share me out to everyone you can.

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