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Dad v. Where did the time go?

Posted by on June 22, 2015


So…it’s been a while. A long while…

Two and a half years, I guess.

Bunch of stuff has happened at the Burrow, just like I’m sure that bunches of stuff has happened in your lives too.  Life goes on.


Noah with Cousin Maple

So this will be a rambling post that will cover a lot of things that have happened…some that may have not and others that probably will.

The Goob rarely answers to “Goob” anymore, which is kind of a bummer, but she’s going to be a senior this year and go on to colleges and living and all that stuff, probably with a rainbow of different hair colors.  She’s quite awesome. I think she’ll probably be headed to the University of Michigan in the Fall of 2016 to become an English teacher, because she picked up this love of reading and writing from somebody…I’m sure it was probably her mother…but I’m taking credit for it.

She also had the lead in the school play…in which she was of course awesome!  The best!  I may be her parent, but that in no way colors my opinion.  She was phenomenal and I’m sure that if she stuck with it, she could be a huge star someday…but I think that about everything she does.

Even her Ukulele, which she has taken up in the last year, she excels at.  Amazing.

The Boy is doing very well.  He still has social issues, but he’s working very hard on them.  He loves to talk and show you what he’s watching on Youtube.  Sometimes, ad nauseum.  He’s going into the eighth grade this fall.  He’s still trying to figure out what he really likes to do–other than video games.  He also spent a summer vacationing with a living tree.


“What did you ask your phone?” “Nothing, dear.”

The Boy really has been doing amazing things.  He entered himself into a school wide spelling be and came in seventh, standing up in front of an entire audience of people was no big deal to him.  He tries very hard to make friends and it seems like everybody likes him, but that doesn’t necessarily make them “friends.”  Sometimes he’s still a little aggressive trying to be friendly, but he’s working on it.

He’s riding his bike a lot and he’s almost finished the entire Harry Potter series.

The Cheerleader has also gone back to school to finish her degree.  She currently runs the local preschool co-op program in our town, which is pretty sweet.  She’s goat a little bit to go for her actual degree, but she really loves going to school and is obsessed with getting into special education.  She’s still very active on Facebook through her Red Vines and Red Wine page and she also occasionally writes a little for her web page of the same name.

And she’s still quite enamored by me.


The Beginning of the destruction!

The treehouse, after eight years of never getting finished, was deemed a loss and after a neighbor put her foot through the floor of it, a ruling was made that it had to go.  Apparently untreated wood will rot after several years in the rain….who knew?  This was kind of a bummer for me, but the kids had rarely used it over the years so it made sense to take it down.  I really loved building it.  When you work in IT most of what you’re doing isn’t tangible.  You can’t see and touch what you’re working on.  So being able to build something that I can touch and stand on and overbuild and put sky lights in….that’s really cool.

But I still have a bunch of memories and it gave us a summer’s worth of firewood for the bonfire…the treehouse was always so giving….


But Ca-a-a-a-p?!?! It wasn’t working…

Here are some videos of the destruction.  Everyone loves destruction. (Sorry about the language, I’ve since been corrected by Captain America himself.) If you click on them, they’ll send you straight toward all the wooden carnage.  It was in pretty bad shape and I think it’ll take us years to get all the glass out of the grass from the broken sky lights.

It took three tries with the Jeep to get the second floor down and another day or so with a sledge hammer knocking out all of the supports.  I guess I was a little too liberal with cementing the posts.  I don’t think the thing would have ever fallen over…but the wood on the inside was the problem.  I’m not that good of a roofer, I suppose.  It was never remotely water tight.

The Twenty-Something (New name, not so specific) is still trying to find his own way.  He breezes back through the Burrow now and again, sometimes for weeks or months at a time as he regains his feet.  We’re real proud of him.


It took three tries in total….

As for me? Lots of stuff has happened in the last few years.  Crazy stuff.  Stuff I really didn’t see coming.  Had a really, really nasty end to my old job.  Was kind of forced out because of new management and new ideas…the new idea being mainly that they didn’t want to pay me when they could pay somebody else less.  So I was unemployed for about two months….but when a door opens…I’m usually looking the wrong way…anyway, now I’ve found a great position working for the University of Michigan in their IT department.  The benefits are awesome, the people are great, and the atmosphere is so much better than what I’ve experienced in the last twenty years in the corporate world. I guess sometimes bad things happen for a reason.


Look at ol’ Joe College Wainright!

I received my bachelors in Journalism from Wayne State University.  I went back and it took me a year of nights and student loans, but I finally finished my degree. The object in getting the degree wasn’t in breaking out of IT and becoming a local beat reporter–as much as I’d love that.  It was to allow me start an MBA program and hopefully break out of the level I’ve been at in IT for twenty years.

And I did it.  I got the bachelors.

Most proud…but in looking at all these pictures, I discovered something else about myself.  People once thought I was frightfully underweight when I was a kid…that was no longer the case. In fact, looking at all of the pictures, I no longer felt like I looked like me at all. I was always the really skinny kid.  The ones that other kids parents told their children, “take it easy on him, he’ll break.” I loved to run fast, play baseball, basketball, and football.  I was always very healthy.


Love my wife, but not my face…

But then I started to notice stuff…sometimes time gives you more than just knowledge and experience…

So I decided I’d have to do something about that.  And I have…I’ve lost 55 lbs so far.  About 7-10 to go and I’ll be completely happy.  If anybody would like to know that story, I might do a piece on that some day.

I also started an MBA program online through the University of Nebraska. (Hopefully, someday I’ll be able to pay off all these student loans.) I’ll be half way through it, by the end of the summer.

So, yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to daily postings…too much life going on.  But I do have some ideas for some upcoming posts about some new adventures I hope to be taking the family on and I’ll always revert to coming back here if issues come up with Noah that I think the world might need to know or be able to help me with.



I also became a zombie…to lose weight.




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