So much to do…

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As I continue to dance with the weirdness of scene 15 of Monsters, a myriad of other ideas come crushing down on my most inexperienced head. There is so much to do to finish this movie by the Dec. 1st self deadline I’ve given myself.

Now granted, I have reached out to several very talented artists who have agreed to throw in some time to help…but it is still very overwhelming.

Not only do I have to cut and knife and demean my movie down another 30+ minutes atleast, I am now caught in the web of what is a horrible trap–sound! Sound is evil. How movies are ever made outside of a studio bubble is a miracle to me. The wind is my enemy, gravel is the devil, and stray sticks and footing make the foulest of unholy trinities. And don’t get me started on mumbling.

I realize that it has been over a year since primary shooting wrapped on my massive project and I further realize that people, especially people you’ve never paid anything more than food, water, or pizza, are going to have their own real lives, but now I am having a really hard time getting the principle players I need back (at the same time) to re-record the audio. If I can’t get cast members back together, perhaps I can record the separately..and how will that sound? Then I have to figure out how to make this audio actually fit the footage…then….my head may explode.

I also have to send some scenes to our musicians to try to spice up some transitions and hopefully help a bunch with the very, very slow pacing.

I have made many, many mistakes during this project. I’m sure my wife would count “starting” as fairly high on the list. Sending my footage off to another editor with the starry eyed notion that it would come back pristine and perfect and, most of all, finished was probably one of my worst mistakes. I still love the idea of having an editor completely separate from the director…but not if that person isn’t within driving distance.

The ability to be able to readily and consistently annoy, pester and cajole each other cannot be taken lightly.

Issues with my timetables could also be considered a mistake, although I think I would argue that to some extent. Granted, the original three week filming schedule was very rough and it did go over by three or four weeks. What the frantic schedule did allow for was a unique sense of urgency, which I feel led to both enhanced productivity, but also some mistakes. In the future I would continue on with a “shorter” schedule, but not as short as I did for Monsters. I’d also hope that I’ll have an improved organizational plan in place for filming–probably even a story board.

Anyway, back to the Premiere/After Effects Editing party that it feels I may never escape…

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